Some Ideas of Men's Haircut Styles

It is not only women who are very meticulous about their hairstyles but also men. There are also different styles of haircut for men, and we will describe briefly here some of these popular haircuts. Take note that part of the whole look of men's haircut is the beard to add to the overall look and style.
One famous style is called the pompadour which was actually the dominant hairstyle in the 18th century Europe. This style was popularized in the 1950's by Elvis and James Dean as the signature styles of these movie and music icons. Today, this pompadour hairstyle is making a comeback through male celebrities sporting it. The pompadour made an influence in the other hairstyles of men like side parting and the undercut. A modern pompadour is described as a hair cut on top, with a short back hair and side lengths, being clipped short but not so short to expose the scalp. The pompadour influence is also an important ingredient in other men's hair styles such as side parting and the undercut. In pompadour style, there is emphasis on the facial hair, with tapering around the edges to make a stronger shape. Men with short or long beard, the pompadour will reflect a rugged and masculine style. This style is considered as high maintenance and this means going back to your stylist every few weeks to clean up the style. For more facts and information regarding haircut for men, you can go to
Next style is called the side parting which is considered as a retro styling that can be seen mostly in television series. This style is considered also a classic and masculine in its effect. This is an easy style to do with side parted vary with a slick hair cut style. This style is good for formal events like wedding. Several movie personalities are wearing this hair style.
Next is the undercut which is a new style for men. This style at feels cool and looks cool especially during the heat summer months. All you need to do for this look is to have your barber trim the side more than the length on top of your hair, being careful not to cut the hair too short. This style is easy to wear and can be done by just brushing your hair back and use a blow dryer and a small tooth comb. This style is good for summer because of the shorter cut on the sides except the top. 
The other style is called the taper fade style, also popularized by famous music and television personalities. This hair cut is becoming popular because one can easily do this at home with the use of an electric hair clipper and attachment guides. However, for a cleaner and more professional looking, it is recommended that you still go to your hairstylist to give you the cut. Fade Haircut: 12 High Fade Haircuts for Smart Men!